Young People and Child Safeguarding Update

Young People and Child Safeguarding Update

Congratulations and thank you to our Safeguarding Team who have been working steadily behind the scenes over the past few months, reviewing and updating our Child Protection protocols.

Our website is currently has been updated with our new Parish Safeguarding Policy, our reviewed Code of Conduct, and the Parish’s Commitment Statement to keeping our vulnerable, our young people, and our children as safe as we can make them, plus other resources to keep all of us equipped for vigilance and prepared to take action if need be. More will be added to update the page.

**See the Safeguarding page – available from the Home page**

Copies of these documents will be displayed shortly on a new news display board to be set up near the confessionals, to the right of the red side door of the church.

Thanks especially to Sharon Jacob, our secretary, who has spent countless hours ensuring that all of our volunteers review and update their Working With Children Checks and Police Checks, as required, helping many parishioners on an individual basis. Sharon is working hard to ensure our record keeping is up to date and complete, in accordance with Archdiocese and Government requirements. Another big commitment!

This is an important issue to our Parish family. Please remember that the team is available for a chat about any concerns you may have around keeping our kids safe. Please speak to any one of the team if you have observations, feedback or questions about safeguarding our vulnerable parishioners, big and small. The team can help with advice, or with reporting any concern at all, no matter how seemingly minor that concern may be. Child safety is the responsibility of every one of us. If you see something, say something.

Our Safeguarding Team: John Barrett, Cath O’Halloran, Rod Hysted, Fr Francis, Sharon Jacob and Debbie Edwards

To contact any of the team, please phone: 0448 658 418