St Brigid’s and the Plenary Council 2020

St Brigid’s and the Plenary Council 2020

The parishioners of Saint Brigid’s have contributed to the Plenary Council preparation process in several ways. Many people reflected upon the Council’s question and submitted individual answers. Several groups also gathered together to discuss a response to the Council question:

"What do you think God is asking of us in Australia at this time?"

The Gospel & Life Group submitted a response on the PC2020 website. You can read it here:  Gospel & Life response to Plenary Council questions

A group of parishioners gathered for a “Listening & Dialogue Encounter,” a process designed to listen to each other while engaging with the question and with the challenging variety of answers… and more questions. The evening was a very fruitful one and demonstrated the value of such processes in parishes. The parish response is here:  St Brigids_response to Plenary Council questions

Thank you to everyone who participated!

The Plenary Council website is:

More news will be shared in the newsletter and at Mass regarding updates for the Council.