Saint Brigid’s Feast Day

Saint Brigid’s Feast Day

The rose is planted in our garden.

Throughout the season of Advent, we symbolically prepared a Saint Brigid’s rose to be planted in our garden today, as we celebrate the Feast of Saint Brigid, our patron saint.

The first candle was lit, representing hope, and our pot was placed at the foot of the altar.

At the lighting of the second candles, representing faith, we remembered our parishioners, past and present, who work with dedication to pass on the light of faith to others. Our pot was filled with soil, and the rose was temporarily placed into the pot.

The third candle was lit, with the joy of knowing that our waiting to celebrate the birth of our saviour was almost complete. The rose was watered on this day, celebrating the joy we find in each other as a community filled with ordinary people achieving extraordinary things every day.

As we lit the fourth candle, representing the peace that the world cannot bring, too big for our own hearts to hold and constantly seeking to be passed on to others, we celebrated our own mission to pass that peace to others. The rose was placed into the care of Monica and Max, who were asked to keep it healthy throughout the month of January, so that it could be planted today into the place prepared for it.

We celebrate 120 years as a Parish at this time, and 20 years of gathering in our hall for friendship and nourishment, in the company of our parish family. Saint Brigid’s Feast Day seems the perfect time to bring our symbol to fruition.

The rose represents our history, our present and our future as a parish family, all who call Saint Brigid’s home. We ask God to bless each member of our parish family, those who have gone before us, those who walk beside us, those who will carry our parish name forward into the future.

May we each rest in the peace and promise of Emmanuel, God with us, knowing that we belong.



– prepared by Debbie Edwards and read by John Barrett on Sunday 2nd February 2020