Rest in God’s love Baby Jean

Rest in God’s love Baby Jean

On Tuesday 4th December 2018 the family, friends and parish of baby Jean farewelled her in a beautiful and deeply moving funeral liturgy. Jean was not long for this world; diagnosed in the womb with internal defects she lived in the love of her family for ten months. Like a candle she burned brightly and brought joy to all who felt the light of her life.

Thank you God for Jean and her family.

Jean, in the company of the angels and saints, pray for us to the Lord our God.

From our Pastoral Associate Deb:

This week our community suffered through a great loss, and celebrated our great gain. We are grateful for Baby Jean. So much a part of the fabric of our parish family, Jean, God’s gift, was farewelled in a beautiful funeral service on Tuesday. Jean touched hundreds, if not thousands, in her short little life. She did not use formal speech in her brief journey with us, yet each and every person who met her, or who even heard her story, was changed.

Jean, the disciple of love, brought each of us back to what is important in life.

Jean, the prophet, helped us to find God’s love in each moment.

Jean, the daughter and sister, helped us to discover God’s love in every movement she made in the company of her family and friends.

Jean’s every smile was celebrated and returned to her. Her eyes were extraordinary, a window into a free soul, waiting and watching, as we are encouraged to do through the light of our Advent candle. Her life was an experience of love, for her, for her family, and for everyone who has been a part of her story. Jean is our John the Baptist. We are called to take up her mission, knowing that she continues to fulfil that mission even now.

Jean is now in God’s direct presence, praying for each of us. Let us continue her work as God’s witnesses, simply by living our lives in love as she did.