Pentecost blessings

Pentecost blessings

The celebration of Pentecost is a wonderful opportunity to say thank you to the Holy Spirit, who does protect and guide us and our country. Pentecost is a great Feast in the Church’s calendar, a chance to remember that Jesus sent the Holy Spirit, his promise, who came upon his friends in the form of tongues of fire. They were ‘sent out’, filled with the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, to teach all nations about Jesus. They offered the Good News of Jesus to the waiting world.

We are the friends of Jesus, 2000 years after the Feast of Pentecost, who also use the great Gifts of the Holy Spirit to declare Jesus to our world. We do not utter great speeches about Jesus, but we do live his love in our little part of Australia. We are the presence of Jesus to those we meet in our day to day lives. We bring Knowledge, Understanding, Wisdom, Right Judgement, Courage, Reverence and Awe and Wonder in God’s Presence to those who meet us where we are.

Our Parish feeds the hungry and is there for those who need us. We look after each other, we care for one another in a myriad of ways. We offer a listening ear and a comforting hand on the shoulder where it is needed. These are the big and the little ways that the Holy Spirit makes his presence known in us and through us. We are all living, breathing presences of the Holy Spirit in the great south land under his protection. May we strive to complete the mission we have each been given, as we too are ‘sent out’ to proclaim the risen Jesus to all.

Fathers John Dupuche, Kevin Mogg and Arsenio Tuazon

Welcome Fr Kevin and Br Michael! Fr Kevin Mogg has been a much-loved member of our parish family for many years now. He has spent many Easters and other special celebrations with us, and has enriched our liturgies and our lives through his friendship. We are excited to have him with us for our liturgy for Pentecost. We also welcome Br Michael Herry, who is much celebrated as a renowned author of beautiful spiritual hymns and chants.

May God’s Spirit continue to bless and to guide us here in the parish of Saint Brigid’s. Thanks be to God!