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Mass in St Brigid’s Parish

Updated 22nd October 2021.

Fr Francis is offering Mass to both vaccinated and unvaccinated people. Therefore the legal limit is 10 attendees. Please read Fr Francis’ statement:


As of Friday 22nd November the Victorian Government is permitting the gradual reopening of places of worship. It is hopefully self-evident that it would be entirely contrary to the spirit of the Gospel to segregate our community into two classes (a privileged majority and an underprivileged minority) on the basis of something so arbitrary as vaccination status. Jesus welcomed the sick, the sinner and the outcast; How then could the Church turn her own sons and daughters away from its doors, especially since the unvaccinated are neither ‘sick’, nor are they ‘sinners’ nor should they be treated as ‘outcasts’.

Unfortunately this means that all Masses will be limited to a congregation of ten people of unknown vaccination status, according to the Victorian Government directives. Practically speaking this compels us to revert to the Try-Booking system. This is a temporary situation, and we can realistically expect the rules to be relaxed in the coming weeks, and therefore the capacity to increase.

In the meantime let’s apply the law of common sense. If you are feeling sick, please see your doctor and stay at home. If you are concerned for your own health, you are equally free to stay at home. If you feel very strongly about attending Masses for the exclusively vaccinated, then perhaps consider some of the alternatives in the area. Given the limited places available we will have to do our best to try to share around the opportunities to attend Mass – eg. no more than once per week. If we continue observing good hygiene practices then we can manage this situation and can hopefully begin to focus on recovering our spiritual health.

Yours in Christ,

Fr Francis Denton

If you have any questions please contact Fr Francis on (03) 9739 5977.


Here is the Trybooking link for this week’s Masses:

All Souls – Tuesday 2nd Nov at 12 noon. Bookings can be made at:

Please note that using QR codes to register on-site is important, as well as following other health directives such as wearing masks.

Outside lockdown normal Mass times are as follows:

St Brigid’s Healesville

Thursday      9:15 am
Sunday         8:30 am

St Aloysius Yarra Glen

Every third Sunday 5:00 pm – see the newsletter to confirm dates and times.

Our Lady of the Snows, Marysville

Every third Thursday at 10:30 am – see the newsletter to confirm dates and times.

St Patrick’s Lilydale
Tuesday       9:15 am
Wednesday  9:15 am
Friday          9:15 am
Saturday     6 pm Vigil (the 9:15 am has been cancelled)
Sunday       10:30 am

New YouTube page for St Patrick’s with recent videos is here.

The St Brigid’s YouTube page with previous videos is here.

Saint Brigid – pray for us, Saint Aloysius – pray for us, Our Lady of the Snows – pray for us.

Quote of the month: Bishop Vincent Long

Being fully vaccinated is an important step in not only keeping us safe but also our families and others in the broader community safe, and enabling us to get back to some sort of normality.

I understand some people have concerns about the ethical origins of some vaccines. The Catholic Church, through the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, has declared that even the use of such vaccines does not constitute formal cooperation with abortion. Therefore, all vaccines which are recognised as clinically safe and effective may be taken by Catholics in good conscience.

Pope Francis himself has encouraged Catholics to take the vaccine saying in an interview earlier this year, “I believe that morally everyone must take the vaccine. It is the moral choice because it is about your life but also the lives of others.”

Indeed, Pope Francis, Pope Benedict XVI and many cardinals and bishops have already received their COVID-19 vaccines. For my part, I am fully vaccinated since the end of July.

I call on you to heed this clear and strong message from the Pope. I also alert you to the anti-vaccination movement and those who spread misinformation on social media, and regrettably even some clergy.

Their opposition to vaccines and public health orders is not in accordance with the Catholic Church.

The pandemic has caused much uncertainty, pain and suffering to the whole world. Let us pray, however, that it can be an opportunity for renewal and transformation for the human family.

May we grow in the spirit of solidarity and compassion for all who are vulnerable, here and beyond. May we emerge out of this crisis a better people for a better world.

Most Reverend Vincent Long Van Nguyen OFM Conv
Bishop of Parramatta
6th August 2021

For Christmas Mass times please click on the link on the left.

Please note the new Mass times for St Aloysius in Yarra Glen.

St Brigid’s Catholic Church

15 High Street, Healesville
P:  5962 4026   F: 5962 2028

Office hours are Thursdays 9am – 3pm during the school term

Day Time
Sunday 8.30 am
Thursday 9.15 am (except 3rd Thurs)

St Aloysius

20 Sayle St, Yarra Glen 3775

Our Lady of the Snows

Murchison St, Marysville 3779

Day Time
Thursday 10:30 am (3rd Thurs)

Tarrawarra Abbey

(The Cistercian monks welcome visitors to Sunday Mass)
Healesville – Yarra Glen Rd, Yarra Glen 3775

Day Time
Sunday 10 am