For all other information please contact our Parish Secretary, Sharon on 0448 658 418.

Wedding Cancellation

If there is a cancellation, please notify the priest as soon as possible in writing.


St Aloysius, Yarra Glen

St Aloysius, Yarra Glen

St Brigid’s Healesville has a sound system with inbuilt CD player.  For St Aloysius’ Yarra Glen and Our Lady of the Snows Marysville you will need to provide your own CD player.With regard to music for weddings, we require that the choice of music and hymns/songs be appropriate for the occasion, hence melodies and songs from the hit parade are not acceptable for a religious occasion.  Any doubt in this matter, please contact either the organist or the Marriage Celebrant.

Flowers and Ribbons:
The flowers will be your responsibility.  St Brigid’s Healesville has pew decorations, or you may like to arrange your own.

Readers and Ministers of Communion:
The Bride and Groom may organise readers for the marriage ceremony from among relatives or friends.

Offertory procession, if marriage is celebrated within Mass:
The Bride and Groom may likewise arrange that the first Bridesmaids/Matron of Honour and Best Man, or Parents of the Bride and Groom bring the Gifts to the altar.

Reverence and Silence in Church:
To ensure that the Sacrament of Matrimony is received with all due reverence and dignity, guests should be encouraged to act with reverence and silence.

Every reasonable facility will be given for the taking of photographs, but no photographs may be taken that will disrupt or detract from the ceremony.  Photographers are not permitted on the Sanctuary.  Photographers should consult the Celebrant prior to the ceremony and be advised to move around as little as possible when photographing.

Signing the Declaration:
Arrangements must be made with the Celebrant for the signing of the declaration (a government regulation) a day or so before the wedding.  If a rehearsal is requested, it will be at this time.

The priest of the Parish assures you of his full cooperation in providing a dignified and worthy ceremony, and in making the occasion a happy and memorable one for you.

Marriage between a Catholic and a non-Catholic requires that permission be obtained from the Bishop.  We recommend that the Catholic discuss and decide with his or her partner what is entailed in marriage in the Catholic Church.  The Church asks that the Catholic promise by signature to keep up the practice of the faith, and to do all in his or her power to have the children born of the marriage, baptised and carefully brought up in the Catholic faith.

In certain cases when the non-Catholic is a practising Church goer, the parties may wish to have the ceremony shared by a Priest and a Minister.  This is now possible – but the Catholic must first discuss with a Priest what is possible.  Such a situation should only arise where both the Catholic and the non-Catholic are active members in their respective churches.  A shared ceremony in the Catholic Church does not require any extra permission from the Bishop of the Catholic party.

This is now possible in special circumstances, e.g. when there is a relationship by blood or affinity with a non-Catholic Minister of Religion.  The Catholic must receive permission from the Bishop for this to take place.  If granted, this is known as a Dispensation from Canonical Form.

All parties must produce:

  • A recent copy of Baptism certificate (6 months)
  • Where applicable, a testimony of freedom and/or permission to marry outside the Parish.

Procedure for obtaining the necessary documents:
The courteous and most efficient method of obtaining Church documents is to write to the Parish Priest of the place, enclosing a stamped self-addressed envelope and giving your FULL NAME, and for BAPTISM your date of birth and approximate date of baptism.  For LETTER OF FREEDOM – the length of residence in that Parish.

Application to contract a mixed marriage:
Only required when a Catholic wishes to marry a non-Catholic.  The permission is given to the Catholic party.  In this application, the Catholic person reaffirms his or her faith in Jesus Christ and promises to share that faith with their children.

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