Friendship & Thank You Afternoon Tea

Friendship & Thank You Afternoon Tea

The Care Group hosted an afternoon tea celebrating friendship and service to our Parish Family. It was also a happy (and tasty!) time to say a general “thank you” to the elders of our community for being a part of our lives.

Thank you Care Group for bringing residents from aged care, driving and helping others, and providing a delicious spread.

We are grateful to all who make up our Parish Family. We are all beautiful and valuable parts of the Body of Christ!

We say thank you... those who have loved and served before us. Maree J says:

"We continue doing what they were doing.
Everyone in our parish has a part.
We have a prayer connection.
The parish is a big family.
We are children, brothers, sisters, and then we get older.
We honour those before us."

Reflections on life in Healesville and at St Brigid's...

"I have a real connection with Saint Brigid's. I have been a part of the parish since 1938 when I first came to Mass. My mother would drive over the bumpy and winding dirt roads, even though she was a nervous driver. I'm glad she committed to bringing us to Mass. I remember a big bougainvillea over the east door that is now red. The church was a lot smaller, with the altar being very close to the people, before the sanctuary was extended."
"I lived in several places in the early days. Coming to Healesville was the best move I've ever made."
"I taught here in Healesville in 1965."
"The third generation of my family is at St Brigid's Primary School today."
"Healesville has grown. It's changed for the better."
"I feel comfortable."
"Fr John McArthur was here a long time ago. Now he was a character!"

The parish of St Brigid's, St Aloysius and Our Lady's is...

"Friendly and welcoming."
"Very friendly, very loving."
"I feel welcomed by many people."
"Everyone just gets in and the jobs get done."
"This is a very friendly parish. Welcoming and vibrant."
"Caring and concerned."
"Resilient. I think they're amazing!"

The afternoon tea proved to be so enjoyable that I was inspired to ask people for their reflections on life in the parish, which you can read above. I heard about many happy and challenging years spent in the parish, as well as stories of love and laughter, children and grandchildren.

As I collected photos of parishioners I asked them two questions: how long have you lived in the parish, and how many children do you have? As you can imagine, I couldn’t possibly collect information on grandchildren – I would run out of ink!

From 27 of our guests we have a grand total of 110 children! And a collective 986 years!

(If you add my 14 years we’ll have 1000!)


Years in the Parish Number of children
49 7
27 6
20 6
30 4
34 5
14 6
74 4
15 -
38 4
64 4
16 6
53 7
59 4
37 3
46 3
25 3
35 7
46 4
79 6
25 3
27 -
35 6
43 3
27 -
20 6
7 -
43 3