Archdiocese News: “Way of the Gospel”

Archdiocese News: “Way of the Gospel”

‘It is a renewal of this vision for today that I want to explore with you over the coming months and years, so that we might walk together towards a more energised purpose for our local Church in the light of Pentecost. This will be a journey that will take time and effort, and we will need to take it together.’ Archbishop Peter A Comensoli

In April and May 2021, Archbishop Comensoli met with the clergy and lay leaders of the Archdiocese of Melbourne to begin this conversation. These initial meetings had one purpose in mind: to open up the question as to how our local Church in Melbourne might best be organised into the future, such that:

  • The mission of the Gospel is at the heart of our life, worship and outreach;
  • Local faith communities are arranged to allow for them to flourish, and;
  • Our faith communities be effectively resourced—spiritually, ministerially and materially.

Read more about what the Way of the Gospel means for the Archdiocese here.

You are very welcome to ask Fr Francis and Deb about their experiences with this process.