A letter to Maree C on her retirement from the Care Group

A letter to Maree C on her retirement from the Care Group

Dearest Maree,

It is sad to know that you will no longer be with us in the ‘Care Group.”

CONGRATULATIONS though, for taking this decisive step! You have worked so… very hard, over so… many years, giving your ALL!

Maree, you are a most special person: You have been a pillar of strength and wisdom, you have been an inspiration to all of us. You have been someone we could rely on, you have always been positive and dedicated!

In our Community: you have been so compassionate, you wiped away tears, you gave hope, you gave joy, you helped where it was needed. You have been the hands, the feet and even the heart of Jesus.

Here I can only give a glimpse of all you have done over the many years:

Visiting people who would have been most happy to welcome you into their homes;

Cooking delicious meals and delivering them to people in need of such kindness;

Organizing other kind mums to cook meals and seeing that they were delivered either by you or others;

Delivering meals that the dedicated ‘Care’ cooks prepared;

Bread runs have also been on the agenda;

Serving morning tea and chatting with parishioners after Sunday Mass.

When we had big events you were always at the forefront, planning, which must have given you sleepless nights, preparing, cooking, baking and having everything ready for us to finalise together.

In preparation for us to put together the Christmas hampers you had been shopping for weeks, organising others to do the same, talking to produce providers for donations, and everything was sorted so that filling the hampers was a breeze for us; of course, you were also part of the delivery team. These hampers brought much joy to the recipients! You co-operated with the Holy Spirit who must have inspired you and given you the strength to do what was needed. Then, of course, you turned around and prepared Christmas dinner for your dear family. How did you manage?!

Together with your dear husband, Mario, you have been a good team. Mario has been most supportive and always ready to give a hand when needed. Both of you carried out Our Lord’s command: ‘”Love one another, as I have loved you”.

Both of you are loved and appreciated more than you will ever know.

We pray that Our Lord will bless you both abundantly, with good health and lots of happiness, in fact, may you receive the hundred-fold in this, your next stage, of your life.

With love and gratitude,

Irene on behalf of the Care Group