Government Papers Needed for Marriage

Government Papers Needed for Marriage

Birth Certificate (or Extract of Registration of Birth) for Bridegroom and Bride.
If born in Victoria this is obtained from the Office of Registrar for Births, Transport House, 589 Collins Street, Melbourne.  Forms can be obtained at any Post Office or by phoning 1300 369 367.

If born in Australia, but not in Victoria, this document is obtained from the office of the Registrar of the State where birth occurred.

If not born in Australia, a Birth Certificate, a Passport, or Certificate of Citizenship, must be shown to the actual Celebrant as a legal proof of date of birth.

Any acceptable document proving date of birth must be seen by the Celebrant, and returned to the parties of the proposed marriage.

Consent of Parents or Legal Guardians:
This is required when the bride-to-be is sixteen years, but has not celebrated her eighteenth birthday.
Marriage of any person under eighteen years, without an order of a Judge or Magistrate is invalid.  (Australian Civil Law)

Notice of Intended Marriage:
This form must be completed within a maximum of 18 months and a minimum of thirty clear days before the ceremony may take place.  (Australian Marriage Act 1961-1976)

Ministers of Religion are not bound to solemnize marriages by Australian Law.  No. 12 of the 1961 Marriage Act states:
“Nothing in this part of the Act imposes an obligation on an authorized celebrant, being a minister of religion, to solemnize any marriage;  or prevents such an authorized celebrant from making it a condition of his solemnizing a marriage that –
longer notice of intention to marry than that required by this Act is given,  or
requirements additional to those provided by this Act are observed…”